Assessment of attitude of female to male transsexual toward gender and sex reassignment

Reza Bidaki
Psychiatry, Rafsanjan
July, 2010


Gender identity disorder is pervasive desire for opposite sex with dysforic state and sex role . Exact discription of experiences,ideas.beliefs, problems and barriers on take congruent sex identity and solve inner conflicts ,access to adaptation in Iranian culture and community facilitate to arrive in the keys of this problem.
In this study 4 groups 6 famale to male trans sexual persons by available method were been selected.
Participant talked about 9questions in supervision experienced person in focus group discussion and .Themes were been explored and encoded, and then analyzed by content analysis method
The most effective factor on quality of life in female to male trans people are family, sex re-assignment, and the lest effective factor is marriage.
Cultural attitude is negative and People attitude is not favorable and consider them ,as homosexual and deviant. Internet was the most source for informations achieve ,In some instances inform and poor education was indicated.
The most expectations of community are training ,broadcasting about this disorder and supporting of family and community. In conclusion,Gender identity disorder and sex change are created various problem for trans people and them families, therefore assessment attitude and views about them help to obtain fundamental decides and basic planning.
Approximatly 50% of them protest to low quality of surgery ,loss of experience, poor repair surgery and hight expensive operations in Iran country.
Internet sites where the most source to achieve informations and instance cases,other studies and personal experiences where as information base. They belive unfavourable training and informing about disorder.
The most trans people` barriers and problems to achieve congruent sextual identity and acquired in adaptaion are rejection by them families .
Trans people will be themselves and this subject is the most important reason for sxe change and elevation of self esteem is the least factor.
Finally sex and sex change have created multiple problems trans people and their family could decide that evaluation views nd insights about this persons basic procedures.

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