Childhood Fall Injuries in Greece: an overview of the problem and implications for safety promotion interventions

Emmanouela Sdona (
Department of Public Health Sciences, Karolinska Institutet
June, 2009


Falls are a leading cause of child injury mortality and morbidity worldwide. However, fall injury prevention has been given little attention during the last few years in Greece.

The aims of this study are to describe the extent of childhood fall injuries in Greece, identify which risk factors are involved and investigate effective safety promoting interventions.

This study tried to develop a conceptual framework to impact all childhood falls. It first analyzes available mortality and morbidity data, describing the extent of the problem in Greece and associated risk factors. Next, effective safety promoting interventions are identified through a literature review and their applicability in the Greek setting is further discussed.

Fall-related mortality is the 3rd leading cause of childhood unintentional injury mortality in Greece. Falls are the leading cause of injury for both sexes at all age groups. Available data describing associated risk factors are scanty. Still, there is a number of effective safety promoting interventions that were implemented worldwide and could be applicable to Greece. Public health researchers should conduct further studies and policy makers should implement specific actions in order to prevent childhood fall injuries in Greece.

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